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Zhengchen Zhichuang

Creation is not limited to fields, manufacturing is more than hardware

  • High quality raw materials

    High quality raw materials

    Careful selection, in line with international standards, more assured use

  • scientific management

    scientific management

    Careful design, meet the needs, not worry about using

  • Strictly control product quality

    Strictly control product quality

    More comfortable with ISO9001 certification system

  • VIP service

    VIP service

    Specially assigned person docking, solves the puzzle for you, uses more intimate

About Zhengchen

Focus on hardware manufacturing for 11 years+

Dongguan Zhengchen hardware mainly takes independent production and sales as its business model, operates in strict accordance with the international quality system iso9001-2015 standards, and provides a solid foundation for us to meet the requirements of customers. Strong technical force and a group of professional training talents, to create a long-term quality as the soul of development. Welcome to your visit.
  • 1500

    Manufacturing base

  • 40+

    Precision manufacturing equipment

  • 3000+T/Y

    Strong production capacity